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We are building better guilds, one guild at a time.  We are dedicated to helping the member guilds reach their full potential.  We can help fix anything that BUGS you about your current guild, and we do it for FREE.  We only ask that you be united with us and share your gaming experiences on a chat channel, and look to us for PUG's instead of randomly spamming in hopes of getting together a party or raid. 

Bothered by bad turnout to weekly events? We can help with that, too.  We can help you fix just about anything that's not right with YOUR guild.

The Ratchet Union is a group of like-minded Horde guilds that has become a force for change that is sweeping over the Uther Server. The Union has grown steadily week by week, attracting guild leaders throughout Azeroth who are ready to unite and feel the power of a combined Union of guilds. 

This is not a new tactic, it has worked successfully in other MMORPG's like EverQuest and GuildWars.  Now, we are bringing it to World of Warcraft. 

Here is how it works:  The Ratchet Union provides each member guild with much-needed leadership, recruiting, and organizational know-how as well as the ability to tap into a seemingly endless supply of positive gamers who are ready to quest, willing to raid, available to level, and able to help.  We guarantee YOUR guild will have a supply of gamers who have similar goals and understanding of team play that you have as a guild leader, making each member guild an extension of your guild's own playing experience.  Imagine the possibilities if you had a limitless supply of like-minded WOW gamers to choose from.  The Ratchet Union has that supply and we are building a better WOW, one server at a time.  Be a part of History.

The past is Prologue, the present is History.  Read the History of The Ratchet Union

                        GET UNION-IZED !

TRU News
Other Guild News
DarkChampion - TRB in da house !!
By AbeLincoln, Dec 8, 09 8:45 PM

Magneeto:  We have a very special visitor to The Ratchet Union website today.  It is DarkChampion, the guild leader for The Royal Bloodline.  Thank you for being here.


DarkChampion: Th... Read More

The Rota's speak to us
By AbeLincoln, Dec 2, 09 8:18 PM

We had the honor of talking to Rotalezregul himself over the phone tonight.  Yes, Rota was too busy to stop by The Ratchet Union website, so he volunteered for the 1st Ratchet Union interview-by-phone.  Here is just some of the conversation:

... Read More

RaidMaster, Michinate, from LOA stopped by today
By AbeLincoln, Dec 2, 09 1:10 PM

Here is an exclusive look into the workings of the Legion of Ashlar's raiding program from the RaidMaster herself - MICHINATE.

Magneeto:  Welcome, Michinate.  You are the only non-guild leader in our interview series, congrats.  How d... Read More

LTK guild leader, Sid, talks with The Ratchet Union
By AbeLincoln, Dec 2, 09 12:49 PM

DeadSid visited The Ratchet Union website earlier this week, and gave us an exclusive interview.  We get a members-only glimpse into the working of License to Kill from the head hauncho himself.

Magneeto:  Mr. Sid, thank you for this ... Read More

Union website and Union Charter revisions
By AbeLincoln, Nov 30, 09 2:16 PM

Welcome to the new, Union-ized Ratchet Union website.  PLease leave a comment if you like or suggest changes.  Also, see the forums for the revised CHARTER.  We made it simpler and less cumbersome to the guilds.  See you in-game.

-Magneeto, Website admin

LOA's recruiting pushes guild membership over 400
By AbeLincoln, Nov 30, 09 12:15 PM

The Legion of Ashlar's 2009 Recruitment Program is going strong.  The guild leader, DKCommander, was recently interviewed by Magneeto, TRU website admin.  Here is what he had to say:

Magneeto:  What do you contribute to the overall su... Read More

By Michinate, Nov 16, 09 10:17 AM

Legion of Ashlar is hosting some raids.  Friday nights at 6 server time, we will be having level 60 and up raids. Saturday nights at 6 server time, we will be having level 70 and up raids.  Sunday nights at 5 server time, we will be having level 80 raids.  Every member of the Union is... Read More

Daily Heroic & Dungeon Quests
By Michinate, Oct 29, 09 11:39 AM

In order to promote teamwork and to prepare us for the weekly Sunday raids, we will be doing the daily heroic and dungeon quests.  These will help us to work together and have hands on experience with each other as a team.  We will start (roughly) around 7:00 server time.  Com... Read More

Raid Meeting
By Michinate, Oct 29, 09 11:38 AM

Come join us every Saturday for information regarding the upcoming raid on Sunday. This is the time for questions, class assignments and general strategies.  We will be on the exodus channel at 5:00 pm 21`server time.

September Calendar
By Michinate, Oct 28, 09 11:13 AM

The September Calendar has finally been updated and fixed.  I apologize to all the guilds for any multiple entries that I might have send to your calendar.  The Ratchet Calendar is okay - I hope. Let me know of any corrections and sorry for any extra work that I gave to you. 

If you ... Read More

Get Union-ized !!
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